The Walking Dead Thrills Its Audience

Adam Mendez, Contributer

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The Walking Dead, a horror drama television show on AMC was created by Frank Darabont on October 31, 2010.  It is based off the comic series created by Robert Kirkman which was first issued in 2003.

The Walking Dead is a real attention grabber; the show is like a drug or an addiction.  MMHS students will enjoy watching this show because it is just so suspenseful, mysterious and the viewers are dying to know what will happen next.

The story in The Walking Dead is at times thrilling and at other times shocking.  Throughout its five seasons, the main character Rick and his son Carl try to survive a world that is infested with flesh-eating zombies.  In the first season’s first episode, Rick is shot then is rushed to a hospital by his best friend Shane.  Then while Rick is still in a coma for a couple of months, a zombie outbreak occurs.

Rick is confused when he walks out of the hospital to see that everything is destroyed.  He later finds his son Carl and his wife Lori hiding from the “walkers” with a group of people in the forest.  They are waiting for another group of people with supplies needed to survive and defend themselves against the walking dead.

I really love watching this show; I will eventually watch it from the beginning all over again.  I recommend it to anyone that is looking for a new television show to watch.

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