Pick Up Your Trash Mad Dogs

Bryan Lopez, Contributor

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Trash just waiting to be picked up

Located in Moreno Valley, California, March Mountain High School is home to a diverse group of approximately 400 alternative education students. Unfortunately it faces a cleanliness problem as students seemingly forget to pick up their trash and to be courteous to those around them.

Most students who attend this school come here for a chance of redemption, a chance to get back on the right track where they once failed. Although it is a small campus with approximately 400 students, March Mountain faces a problem we see in our day to day lives, pollution.

Most students who attend this school can agree that they can do more to help keep this campus clean. Take Tomas Juarez, a senior currently attending March Mountain, for example. When asked how he felt about the school’s hygiene problem he responded, “I feel like it makes us, as a school, look dirty. It makes us look unorganized and in my opinion that’s sad.”

Juarez wasn’t shy to voice his opinion on those who litter on school grounds purposely either. When asked to voice his opinion about them, he quickly responded by saying, “I get angry and disappointed I guess, it’s really not that hard to walk towards a trash can and throw out your trash. They’re just lazy because they’ve gotten used to just leaving their trash behind and have someone else pick it up for them.”

If there were more students who felt the same as Juarez, March Mountain could perhaps be a much cleaner campus for those who attend this school.

Although some students here actually care about the hygiene of the school, there is one woman who ensures that this campus is clean and presentable to those who attend. That woman is none other than Laquisha Pritchard, the head custodian here at March Mountain High School. A former alumni of March Mountain High School, graduating from the Class of 1996, she actually enjoys her job and works very hard to keep our campus looking clean and presentable. When asked about her feelings towards her job, she happily responded by saying, “It’s my job. I can’t complain about it. I enjoy doing what I do, and I feel as though it’s a privilege to be serving the youth here at March Mountain. I feel honored to serve around the young people and I love my job.”

A woman who actually enjoys her job as custodian, she did voice her disappointment to those who purposely litter on school grounds by stating, “ I feel disappointment, because it’s our duty as Americans overall to have a moral compass and discipline ourselves into throwing out our trash and picking up after ourselves.”

Although MMHS does face a minor hygiene problem, some students here do their part in keeping it clean by picking up their trash and being respectful to the janitorial staff. For those of you who are reading this, starting today help keep our campus clean by picking up your trash and properly disposing it in the designated trash cans. Make March Mountain stand out, and do your part for this cause.


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