Girls Softball Team Takes League Championships.

Sineti Mikaele, Contributor

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This year at March Mountain High School the girls softball team had one great season, by winning league championship.

When Gary Peckles, Girls Softball Coach, held tryouts on September 4, 2015 about 32 girls tried out. By September 21, 2015 out of the 32 initial girls, 22 made the team.

Training for games wasn’t always easy for these young ladies. Despite the rough conditions of the MMHS field, the girls practiced hard each week. According to team members, they learned skills by helping each other. When game days came they would all motivate each other.

“ It sucked not getting to play at school when it was a home game due to the field, but this season was still good”, said senior player Isabel Herrera, starter for the team.

Since the field wasn’t in great condition Sean McMurray, Principal, MMHS, didn’t find it a good idea for games to be held on our field so home games were always held at Sunnymead park.

The entire season was a total of eight games, with six wins and two loses. “ I believe one of the toughest schools we played against would have to be Sierra High School because they had a lot of good pitchers,” said Coach Peckles.

Maddogs girls softball team faced challenging teams but, that didn’t stop the team from being motivated about taking the league championship.

The last game of the season was played against Val Verde High School at that team’s field.  “That happened to be one of our intense games we’ve had because it was the league championship,“ said Michelle Munoz, MMHS team player.

The Maddog ladies brought the trophy home with the score of 17-7!  As the team returned to our school campus October 16, 2015  other students could hear the excitement and joy from our lady Maddogs as they cheered “ Who’s House? Our House! Mad Dogssss.”

Members of the team included, Yahaira Basulto, Jamie Bailey, Raelyn Escobar, Martha Godoy, Isabel Herrera, Michelle Munoz, Lisette Rosales, Cheyenne Sampson, Valery Valdez, Priscilla Velazco, Brandi Williams, Raena Elguezaba, Cynthia Coshow, TahJae Ferguson, Kristin Freeman, Venessa Lopez, Melissa Perez, Aracely Pineda, Evelyn Sanchez, Ahkiya Slack, Gabriela Solis-Hernandez, Savannah Vargas.

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