Deleting the Cyber Bullying Virus

Bryan Lopez, Managing Editor

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cyberbullyingBullying. This behavior is becoming more and more widespread among the youth of our nation. Even more so with cyber bullying, where the attacker has no face and hides behind a screen. What has caused our nation to let our youth slip through the cracks?

Bullying has always existed throughout history. From a brother striking his own brother, a nation waging war against another simply due to their stronger forces, a form of bullying is only human nature. It is up to an individual, however to choose to exercise this form of behavior.

Due to the ever growing popularity of social media, a new more commonly used form of bullying is emerging from deep within the web and this is referred to as cyber bullying. What is cyber bullying you may ask?  Well to give a short response to this question, cyber bullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.

The simplicity of this practice is emerging as the new form of bullying since it attracts more people on a larger scale. Whether it is harassing an individual through Facebook messages, or sharing incriminating and often time private photos through Instagram, attacking a person online is as simple as 1,2,3. The click of a button can often lead to disastrous results.

For example, early on in the year of 2015 a new app emerged on cellular and mobile devices which went by the name of “Burn book”. This app is a community based program which allowed an individual to post anonymously to the app, and this was mostly used to target individuals, spill secrets, and often times just be cruel to teachers and students alike. Although it is hardly ever used to this day, the effects can still be felt among the victims targeted by these cyber attackers.

Although cyber bullying is most often used form of bullying today, traditional bullying cases are still around. Traditional bullying is when a person actually physically harasses the victim whether through means of violence or offensive language. Take my brother Emmanuel Corona for example, who is a 5th grader currently attending Edgemont Elementary located in Moreno Valley, CA. When asked how he felt about bullying he responded by saying, “It’s not nice and it makes me feel sad whenever someone picks on me or one of my friends.”

Corona is actually a victim of bullying himself. When asked how bullying has affected his life he responded, “Well when this kid bullied me in the 4th grade, he was really mean to me. He used to push me around, call me names like ‘dumb’ or ‘stupid’ and would bug me all the time. He bugged me so much I felt like crying but my parents always made me feel better.”

Everyday children and adults alike face bullying whether through the form of an anonymous poster on social media, or even a physical entity that will not leave them alone. As this practice grows more and more everyday, we as a community must stand up and take caution against these attackers. Check your child’s social media accounts, or even simply have more communication within the household. Simple actions like these can often avoid tragedies within a family or community. Bullying will always be around as long as there is life on this Earth, it is up to us as human beings however, to rise up against it and unite as one body.

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