The Metalocalypse Begins!

Joey Orellana, Copy Editor

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What has caused tens of thousands of people to spam Hulu and Adult Swim on multiple social media sites over the course of October? (Kloktober)

Brendon Small, creator of the animated comedy series, “Metalocalypse” has reached out to his fans for support in convincing Hulu and Adult Swim to allow him complete the story with one more season.

Metalocalypse is a series that follows the adventures of the “world’s greatest metal band” Dethklok, and while the characters and the show that make up the band may be fictional, the music that is produced is very real, authentic death metal.  

Brendon Small’s website, gives directions on just how to support the campaign. Thousands of fans are sending tweets to the companies, and even letters filled with guitar plectrums to Hulu Headquarters, requesting the final season.  Their petition on has reached over 80,000 signatures to date, which is just over half of the signatures they need to reach their 150,000 signature goal.

On Halloween, Klokateers (Fans of Dethklok/Metalocalypse) dressed up as the characters from the show for a costume contest in front of Hulu Headquarters as the final effort of the campaign.

Many famous and important companies have been supporting this movement as well, Ubisoft and Gibson just to name a few, as well as some other metal bands.  Even Metallica has teamed up with Metalocalypse by posting a picture of 000Gojiraa letter they’re sending to Hulu Headquarters filled with guitar picks, one of the ways to support the campaign.  Other popular bands such as Anthrax and Gojira have shown support as well.

One student that wishes to remain anonymous believes that, “There are a lot of fans who really like the show, it just seems like everyone deserves the ending; the companies would definitely benefit and that shows with the petition alone.”

This individual may not be the biggest fan of the show, but he has observed the attention the campaign is getting and knows that it would be in Hulu’s and Adult Swim’s best interest to complete the series as there are more that 80,000 fans asking for it.

The campaign may be over, but the movement lives on. Small still requests that you continue to show support and keep the petition going.

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