Isis Breeds Hate

Kendall Switzer, Copy Editor

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Muslims in India protest against ISIS following the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in Paris.

Muslims in India protest against ISIS following the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in Paris.

Isis has become the world’s greatest terrorist threat with their merciless tactics in attacking the United States and other nations all due to their extremist ideas.

“Isis is a terrorist organization founded in the Middle East, in Iraq and Syria.  They use propaganda to get young people to commit horrific deeds and violent acts against humanity,” explained Fariyal Billah, March Mountain High School teacher.

According to Billah they are doing this in an attempt to divide nations and people, Isis wants the world to hate Muslims, and they want a new world order founded on their fanatic beliefs.  “Their goal is to gain power based on their extremist viewpoints and to control people physically as well as intellectually,” stated Billah.

Isis is committing these crimes in the name of Islam, using their own warped version of the Muslim religion to justify what they’re doing.  “Islam” is an Arabic word meaning, “peace and submission”.  It seems that somewhere down the line members of Isis have become confused with the teachings of Islamic beliefs and instead turned towards hatred and violence.

Billah really wanted to stress the importance of Isis not only being a threat to the United States but the Middle East as well, many of Isis’ victims include muslims.  Unfortunately, it’s not just Isis targeting Muslims but many people from the U.S. and other regions too.  Since the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, many muslims living in France and the U.S. have reported assaults, vandalism, and threats.  When asked if she felt like the media helped portray Muslims negatively Billah responded by saying, “Absolutely, the media only wants readings and money.  They are promoting Islamophobia by giving time to people like Donald Trump.”    
She continued on to say that the media only shows a one sided negative view and that the mainstream audience buys it.  This proves to be evident with most of the Republicans running for president and their suggestions to keep Syrian refugees from coming into the U.S.

All throughout history people have used religion to rationalize heinous acts.  However it’s not the religion itself or others who practice the same religion who are at fault for terrorist attacks but the extremists who pervert religion for their own hateful agenda.

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