Humane Society Saves Dogs From Being Eaten By Humans

Jacob Woodie, Contributor

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Imagine if you will, cute little innocent dogs captured and caged to soon be skinned and chopped up for human consumption.  Unfortunately for the owner of a dog meat farm located in Wonju, South Korea,  57 dogs were recently rescued and treated before being transferred throughout the U.S to be put up for adoption.

According to, the dogs on the farm were kept in barren metal cages outdoors in single-digit temperatures. The animals are considered a delicacy and eaten during the summer months by older people in South Korea, where eating dogs is considered legal. March Mountain High School (MMHS), Junior Pedro Torres, stated that he believed eating dog meat is completely wrong, “dogs should only be used as pets and considered either a friend or apart of that specific person’s family.”

Selling dog and cat meat in the U.S is illegal.  “The reason that dog meat farms won’t be accepted in the U.S is because people know better not to eat these animals that everyone looks at as pets,” said March Mountain High School (MMHS) junior, Ivan Moreno.south-korea-dog-meat-rescue

Many people become attached to their pet dogs and wouldn’t use them for human consumption under any circumstances.  “I would not eat a dog as an alternative to starving because I would not take another life to save my own,” said Torres.

The Humane Society International provided seed funding to the farmer in order to transition to a different industry. Funding will range from $2,500 to $60,000 for farmers. The South Korean farmer told the group he now plans to grow mushrooms instead of farming dogs for meat.

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