Americans Hope To Escape to Canada if Trump Wins Election

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Donald TrumpSome Americans today live in fear of the impending doom that is Donald Trump’s possible presidency, and it is now a trend to announce on social media that if Trump does become president that Canada is the manifest destination.

According to Google data, the search term “how to move to Canada” had a 350% increase from American citizens as well as a substantial increase in traffic on Canada’s immigration website after Trump won a few states on Super Tuesday March 2nd, 2016. A significant spike for this search term hasn’t happened since George W. Bush was re-elected in 2004. In fact, that spike wasn’t as significant as this one.

So why do some people hate Donald Trump so much that they want to leave America? One argument is that he hates poor people, however, it appears that he supports poor people. Donald Trump wants to impose his tax plan where unless you make $25,000 annually, you will not be taxed on income and you get to send a letter to the IRS that says “I win,” according to

In Canada, individuals get taxed on income regardless of how little you make, even if they only make $1 per year.  They also pay a 13% sales tax on nearly every product. That’s not to mention that the Canadian dollar is currently worth 22 cents less than the U.S. dollar. The other two leading candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, want the tax plan to stay the same for the most part in terms of taxing people 10% of their income even if they only make $1, while Canada taxes the income of poorer people by 15%. However, Bernie Sanders wants to impose even higher taxes on those who earn $250,001 or more.

Another argument that is often used by Anti-Trump activists is that Donald Trump is racist, but they have yet to prove such claims in my experience. They say that he’s racist because he’s planning on building a wall between Mexico and the U.S, but that proposal only proves is he’s a xenophobe. Also, why move to Canada? Why not move to Mexico?

Samantha Campos, a junior here at March Mountain, said that she dislikes Trump because his campaign is run by fear, which is actually a valid reason to dislike him. However, she does not share the same Canadian ambitions as those individuals following the trend. She said that they’re choosing to move to Canada over Mexico, “because they probably don’t want to be around Mexicans; they’re afraid of them.”

To me it’s quite ironic that some individuals are fighting so hard against Donald Trump’s wall, yet don’t care to live in Mexico. It seems that they’re only choosing to go to Canada because of the benefits, similar to why the refugees in Syria aren’t settling in neighboring countries however, the Syrians at least have an actual crisis to flee from.

Most people that claim they are moving to Canada have not done any research and have not truly prepared for the move. They haven’t thought about how they’re going to get a job or anything, they just hear that Canada has free healthcare and that the prime minister is trying to make cannabis legal.

Celebrities such as Raven Symoné are among the few that are threatening to leave America if Trump becomes president. Symoné said on ABC’s The View, “my confession for this election is, if any Republican gets nominated, I’m gonna move to Canada with my entire family. Is that bad? I already have my ticket. I literally bought my ticket, I swear.”

Now here’s the thing, the U.S. has a two-party political system and regardless of what happens one Republican is going to be nominated from that party. So she probably meant elected. “I’ll do some type of job, we’ll figure that out,” she stated.

Clearly confirming my claims, Symone’ has done no research on Canada and has no clue what she would even do in Canada for a job. She can’t just travel from Canada to America to work.

When it comes to jobs in Canada, it will be a hard adjustment for the American, especially the pampered celebrity. In Canada the minimum wage is $11 Canadian, which translates to about $8 USD. This paired with higher taxes makes for a more difficult standard of living if you leave your job in America for a lesser-paying job.

Canadian taxes are used to make benefits like health care “free.” The problem putting the government in charge of services such as healthcare is that employees lose incentive to work, according to the Foundation for Economic Education ( Whether you agree with  these findings or not, it is a fact that government provided healthcare only comes from one source, the government. This creates the next problem; your choice in healthcare and doctors is severely limited. Since no companies are competing, you have a smaller selection in terms of your preference, not to mention the fact that there will be a greater demand than supply for healthcare in general.

According to the Human Development Index, while citizens of the United States may have a shorter life-expectancy by a few years, the U.S has a higher “value,” with less years of school on average, yet $10,792 more in gross national income per capita than Canada.

On another note, Canada has recently accepted over 25,000 Syrian refugees so there isn’t exactly room for another 25,000 or more Americans. Many refugees choose to leave Syria instead of facing a certain death.

People are over-reacting to the idea of Donald Trump becoming president. A president is not a reason to leave your country, your life, all to start over somewhere else. It is not worth it. The way our system works, the president does not hold all of the power. The president of Mexico already said that they’re not paying for the wall so there’s no reason to stress on that now. He’s not going to start any wars because that’s Congress’ job.

Based on the information that I have gathered here, I think it’s safe to say that regardless of how oh so frightening Trump is, the people who are claiming that they will move to Canada are bluffing for the most part. I’m sure that a minority of those claiming that they will flee to Canada, will actually follow through  if in fact Trump does win the election. If they do move however, I believe many will soon realize how extremely difficult the adjustments will be. 
These proclamations appear to be just a trend that happens whenever a presidential candidate is widely disliked by the mainstream, such as  George W. Bush was during his second campaign. Even when George W. Bush was elected, most of the people that visited Canada’s immigration website after the election did not follow through with the move to Canada.  It is likely that the same will happen if Trump is elected in November. That being said, Canada is not a bad place to live. However, it is an entirely different world compared to America.

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