MMHS Provides a Safe Place for Students

Michelle Colacion, Contributor

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The peer leadership class at March Mountain High School (MMHS) is a positive environment where students acknowledge each other, their feelings, and listen to one another without judgement.

Peer leadership is a class where students learn to be optimistic, trustworthy, support each other, work through personal issues and concerns, improve group leadership skills and individual leader skills.

According to the peer leadership teacher at MMHS, Cristan Greaves, they have all types of conversations, they talk about everything imaginable. But mostly everything is very confidential and what is said in the class stays within the class.

“I think that peer leadership help students, it gives them a safe place, a place where they can be open and express their actual feelings,” Greaves added.

Some things that students like about peer leadership are that it’s a counseling class, many students that would never share their personal problems or thoughts go in there and feel safe to say anything, according to students in a recent class visit. Greaves has created a positive, welcoming, and safe environment for her students to be free to share anything and they learn to be open minded, to accept and understand each other.  

Some of the challenges of peer leadership for Greaves is how heartbreaking some of her students stories are. “Some of their stories really make me worry about them and how they’ll end up,” she said.

Greaves admitted that she loves teaching peer leadership because there is whole other part of high school that has nothing to do with academics. Peer leadership has given students the support that they need. Another plus is that she has courageous students.

Greaves added that the most fun activity the class has participated in was movie night at MMHS. However, In the peer leadership class, they like to make positive message boards, labeling activities, check in, and much more.  They also participate in fun activities with the Associated Student Body.

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