Get Ready for a War With Battlefield 1

Christopher Jackson, Contributor

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Gamers all know it is that time of the year again where a large wave of new video games are coming in and it can be overwhelming to try to pick a good game.  Battlefield 1 is one of the many new games that has come out this year and offers a nice and simple gameplay that anyone can be able to pick up an play.

One thing that a gamer tends to learn is that not all games a person sees on T.V. are good or fun to play. Some of the games that are shown on television may look good but that doesn’t ensure that the gameplay will be good. Out of all the games advertised on TV this year oddly, Battlefield 1 has caught the attention of a few people and some wonder if buying the game will be a “smart” purchase.

When it comes to asking a few fans of the Battlefield series they try their best to help give people a feel of the experience when it comes to playing the game. “I am kinda looking forward to the new upcoming Battlefield 1 game. I think the game will be somewhat okay when it comes to the storyline but to be honest, I am not that excited to play it because I am worried it might just be a repeat of the last Battlefield game,” said Brittany Ames, Vista Del Lago High School senior.

According to, the metascore for Battlefield 1 is 88 out of 100, setting it as one of the highest meta-scored games this year. Surely a game like this has to have three great factors: good graphics, great storyline or interesting plot, and smooth gameplay. “If I was part of the graphic design team I would be very proud of the work that we have accomplished,” said Staci Hanks March Mountain High School art teacher.

Even though a game like this has just come out, consumers can see just how popular the game already is since its release. “I would like to say that the Battlefield 1 game seems like it will be one of the top five first person shooting games of 2016 alongside a few other games,” said Ames, an avid gamer.

For the average gamer this game will be one of the must-buy games out there on the market as of 2016. It would be a good use of money for those who love first-person shooters.

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