2016 Girls and Boys Volleyball Teams Finish with Winning Season

Johanna De Paz, Contributor

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March Mountain High School (MMHS) girls and boys volleyball teams faced a challenging season this year; overall their journey led to a winning season.

The boys volleyball team struggled the first few games with teamwork. After the first two games however, their teamwork became stronger. One advantage the boys team had was an excellent spiker. “Mamona Suaalii is the best player on the team, with best all around skills,” said boys volleyball coach Jeff Paterson.

The boys volleyball team ended their season undefeated at home; their record is six wins and two loss.

The girls volleyball team struggled with calling and serving the ball throughout most of the season. “The two best players on the team were Johanna De Paz, and Jaime Baily, with the best all around skills and serves,” said girls head volleyball coach Gary Peckels.

One of the advantages the girls team had was knowing how to keep the ball in place. Overall, the girls team ended their season undefeated at home and their record was six wins and two loss.  

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