MMHS Helps Students Succeed

MMHS Helps Students Succeed

Juan Perez

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Many students who attend March Mountain High School (MMHS) do so because they are in need of credits, that they failed to earn at their home high school. Many students that do catch up decide to go back to their home high school to graduate, and some decide to stay.

For Manuel Gonzalez (Junior), his reasoning for attending MMHS was to catch up on credits that he failed to receive at his home school. He stated that MMHS staff help him in ways that his home school didn’t. For example, his teachers help him one on one; he never experienced this type of help at his home school.

Gonzalez also explained that he just stopped messing around and started to focus on school. “When I transferred here I knew that I couldn’t mess around anymore,” he said in a recent interview.

March Mountain is an alternative  high school for students who  have failed to earn the required grade level credits at their home high school. Students are able to receive ninety credits a year instead of the average sixty that traditional high schools offer.

The class sizes at March Mountain are smaller than traditional high schools, this makes it easier for students to receive help from their teacher. It also makes students improve grades because teachers are able to help their students more often, unlike teachers at traditional high schools.

For Garrett Wright, senior, MMHS was the best choice for him when he moved to Moreno Valley.  He explained that he was told that at MMHS he was able to earn more credits than any other high school in the Moreno Valley Unified School District (MVUSD).

Wright also explained that MMHS  is different than other high schools he has  attended. For example, when he attended Alessandro High School in Hemet he only needed two hundred credits to graduate but he would earn less credits than they offer at MMHS “In Hemet you are only required to earn two hundred credits no electives needed,” he said in a recent interview.

Many students returned to their home high school this year. Kim Arcos, MMHS Counselor, explained that 18 students have already transferred back to their home high to graduate since the third term. She also explained that 24 students have graduated early since the third term. This is one way MMHS helps students become successful.


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