Religion Plays a Role in Student Lives

Johanna De Paz, Contoributer

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Religion plays a major role in the lives of some March Mountain High School (MMHS) students especially during difficult times.

Some MMHS students and staff believe in God. “I do believe in God,” said MMHS, senior, Joey Orellana.

“I believe in him because the universe is his creation, and the fact that it can support life. I also believe in good and evil, and to do so I must believe in God because God is infallible and man is flawed,” said Orellana in a recent interview about his religious beliefs.

There are many reasons  why religion  plays a role in the lives of some MMHS students and staff.

MMHS teacher Marilu Kardos said, “I do believe in God because when I look at creation I know they are not there by accident.”

There are times when some people might struggle to maintain a relationship with God. Many things  can cause a person to mess up a relationship with God. The use of drugs, alcohol or even cigarettes can mess up a relationship with God.

“Drugs can corrupt the mind and lead to unholy actions,” said Orellana.

Sven Hougdahl, MMHS teacher and Bible Club Adviser, helped to explain why people sometimes turn to drugs when times are tough. “People use drugs and alcohol to self medicate. It’s a way to not deal with problems, but God offers himself through Christ as a remedy. He offers forgiveness, strength, grace and peace when people turn to drugs but all they want is peace (Psalms 16:11),” he said.

This generation of students can be hesitant to speak about their religious beliefs according to Kardos, “because they are afraid that they’ll be attacked that they’re considered intolerant and closed minded, that others would make fun of them,” she said.

We live in a culture that for whatever reason people are scared to talk about religion and politics, explained Houghdahl.  “It takes a lot of humility to be wrong of a lot of things; it could make us vulnerable. When people talk about God there is hostility towards God. There’s a pride that they are going to have to face God one day. Our hearts are going to be exposed to God one day,” he said.


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