Students Give Tips on How to Create Better Relationships

Cesar Hernandez, Contributor

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Most people say that friendships are important because they can help in good times and bad. Communication is the key to making a friendship stronger and longer lasting. However, when communication fails, friendships can be at risk. 

Some students at March Mountain High School (MMHS) have learned to develop their communication skills through peer leadership class. For example, Star Hernandez, MMHS Junior,  said that talking to people can be difficult when you don’t know what to talk to people about. “Communication is the knowledge of knowing who your talking to,” she said.

Laughter can be an important part of a friendship according to Miriam Reyes, March Valley Freshman. It helps to prevent people from getting mad at  the little things.  Reyes stated that laughter is important because it can help people find what they have in common in their relationships.

Relationships are easy to make but harder to keep, according to Chaneyce Jackson, MMHS  Sophomore. She believes that communication is the key in knowing if friendships will last longer. “Friendships are based upon on how many laughs you guys have together,” Jackson said.

Trust is another factor in developing a friendship, according to Kevin Verga, March Valley Sophomore. Communicating with someone when their is no trust can sometimes lead to bigger confrontations.  “Girls and guys tend to always never trust their partner when they go out,” he said.

It’s all about trust and confidence in the person, according to Tracey Johnson, MMHS Sophomore. Johnson feels that it is  important to tell your friends the truth about how you really feel.  “You have to be willing to see through the bad and good and see if you guys really do have a connection. It’s Easy to lie about feelings you have towards someone,” she said.

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