MMHS Staff Reacts to New Technology

Joshua Jones, contributor

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Companies like LG and Samsung have already announced their newest flagship devices for this year. Many people are eager to upgrade from their current device to a newer one. But do they really need to upgrade? Consumers tend to upgrade to the newest device so that they can feel good about owning a new piece of technology.

With all this new technology that has been announced and released, consumers are wanting to get their own hands on the latest devices. When given the question “What do you think about all the new technology that has been announced and released,” Michelle Glanville, March Mountain High School teacher, said “they are good, but the companies release them too quickly, and that the new one may not be as good as the previous one.”

Bradley Harral, March Valley High School Math teacher said, that he “loves technology and that the more technology, the better.” Is he right? Or is he wrong?

The Apple Pencil costs $100 by itself and according to both Glanville and Harral, it’s outrageous to pay $100 just for the Pencil. However, Glanville also said that “Apple should include the Pencil with the iPad.”

Companies tend to rush out their new technology, and because of that, consumers don’t realize that there are other alternatives. Harral stated that “there are similar types of technology that costs less.”

Given the fact that companies now have released their new devices, one teacher cannot upgrade because she still has one more year on her contract before she can upgrade her cellphone. Glanville said that she “can’t wait to get a Samsung Galaxy” because she doesn’t like Apple.

Harral stated that “the design of the new Galaxy looks amazing and that Samsung is still continuing to make awesome devices, however, I can’t get one due to the fact that I can’t afford it.”

Apple has released a new color option to the iPhone line. This color is called (PRODUCT)RED. Glanville said that this new color option is great, “but everyone puts a case on it so you can’t see it anymore.”

Harral, on the other hand, said that he is a 100% Samsung guy. But he thinks that this new color will sway more customers. Apple has added this new color to help fight AIDS. “When you buy (PRODUCT)RED, Apple will send a contribution to the Global Fund. This contribution helps people affected by HIV in Ghana, Lesotho, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Kenya, and Zambia,” according to Apple’s website.

With the recent release of Apple’s new “budget” (cheaper) iPad, Glanville doesn’t know anything about it, but Harral said that ‘It’s always good to lower prices on technology.”

Glanville thinks that “Apple is targeting kids with their cheap iPad because of the price and so that they don’t break their parents iPad if they have one.”

Harral stated that “The cheaper iPad will be for anyone that can’t afford the other models.”

“Which manufacturer is your favorite and why?” According to Glanville, “My favorite is Samsung because I think they make durable phones and that Apple has too many problems.”

Harral stated that Samsung is his favorite manufacturer as well.

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