School Starts too Early for Students’ Liking

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Classes begin at 8  March Mountain High School (MMHS), but  many students are late due to the need for more sleep. As for myself, I am frequently late to my first period class because of school starting too early for my liking. There are many other students like myself, who are frequently late.

Many adults claim students are late a lot because they are just lazy, and think that school is preparing them to be on time in the future. I believe they are just biased in this situation and don’t want  to believe in recent research studies about why teens require more sleep.

The are studies that prove that teenagers need more sleep than adults. Teens are in an important growth and development stage of their life. According to the article “Sleep and Teens” by UCLA Health, teens average about nine hours of sleep each night for them to feel well rested.

One proposal that I believe would be great for students who are frequently late is to give an option to have an alternate schedule. Students who are frequently late would  have the option to start school later in order to have enough sleep to get them through the day. A later start time will allow students a full night of rest in order to  be able to function better throughout the day, and more focused in class. If I were given the option to have an alternate schedule, I would never be late to school again.


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