Kaiser Permanente Presents Play About STD’s

Jackie Perez, Contributor

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Kaiser Permanente sponsored an annual  presentation about sexually transmitted diseases to March Mountain High school (MMHS) and March Valley School students on Wednesday, April 5th.

The presentation explained and helped students to think about the choices they make that might affect their health. It also was intended to inform students about how important their health is.

According to Ray Auxais, one of the actors in the presentation, he has been involved in these presentations for about 13 years now.  This is his career and he loves to teach. For Ray, the subject matter of the presentation is personal.  One of his closest friends has HIV and he wasn’t aware of it until his friend told him. “Having HIV doesn’t only affect the person who has it,” stated Auxais.

March Mountain has hosted this presentation for about four years, according to Sean McMurray, school principal. MMHS continues to hold this assembly annually because the staff and students learn something new every time and there is always new information.  “The most interesting thing to me about this presentation is the fact that students are really interested in learning more and asking questions,” said McMurray.
Cesar Hernandez, MMHS junior, felt as if this assembly was much needed. He believes that the students don’t take things like this seriously. Hernandez thinks that the assembly was useful and informing because it teaches students to be careful, because everyone can suffer the same consequences if they are not. “Love is more than an affection for that person, it’s having the courtesy of loving them and respecting them not just for their body,” he said.

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