Action Students Host School Olympics

Cesar Hernandez, Contributor

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This is the first year ever that the Action program has held their own school olympics with the help of March Mountain High School (MMHS) and March Valley School students.

Students from Valley View High School, Canyon Springs High School, and Moreno Valley High School were invited to attend the event that was held on Friday, April 7th on the field at MMHS. It started at 9:00 a.m. and ended approximately around 1:00 p.m.

There were many different games to participate in such as, an obstacle course, beach ball volleyball, basketball, Frisbee, football throw, soccer, and a relay race. However, frisbee and football were not played traditionally.  Instead, a student would win a frisbee if they threw it further than their competitor. While in football, a student would win depending on the accuracy of their throw.

Action students were eager to participate in the school olympics. Tamra Debeaubien-Jimenez, Action Program teacher, said “we at MMHS wanted all the action students to socialize more in a positive way.”

Staff and students that attended the event were excited to see the outcome. All those who attended or helped with the event appeared to have a fun field day. Jennifer Atienza, Action Program teacher said, “We at MMHS wanted all the action students to have a day of joy and excitement. The main outcome of the event was to leave a positive image on the school.”

This event  did not only affect teachers and the action students but  it also affected  other students who  attended that day. One of those students was  Star Hernandez,  MMHS junior. She said that it was a wonderful experience for her because she liked seeing the action students have fun and have a day to themselves.

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