March Mountain Introduces CAASPP Testing

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This year March Mountain high school (MMHS) juniors were introduced to the CAASPP test which consisted of three subject tests, while seniors had to take only one science test.

The CAASPP test stands for California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress.  MMHS juniors had to take math, English, and reading. All three subjects were tested on four separate days. One MMHS junior Hunter Holder said, “I feel that there were too many tests to take for four days and we should have had a full day break.”

Seniors only had to take one simple science test that only consisted of about 24 questions. They also had guest speakers and four different presentations. Each presentation was about 30 minutes each and full of information about jobs that seniors should consider.

“The CAASPP test does not affect the seniors, but it does have some effect on the juniors and it lets the staff and teachers know their strong and weak points,” said Kim Morey, MMHS Guidance Assistant.  

The CAASPP test will be important in upcoming years so students should concentrate in class and do their best in order to be prepared, according to MMHS Principal Sean McMurray.

There has also been talk of a new high school exit exam. Morey said that there will more than likely be a new exit exam but it will take a couple of years. “There isn’t too much information on the new exam yet but students should prepare themselves,” she said.

As for the future of testing, most of it will be done online. Since the CAHSEE is no longer in effect, the state is implementing the CAASPP test as a new form of testing that we will see a lot, according to Morey.









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