Fidget Spinners Trigger Trend at MMHS

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The new trend that’s sweeping the nation is just a little toy called a fidget spinner. The makers of fidget spinners mainly target people that suffer from autism, ADHD, and anxiety. However, this toy is currently all the rage at March Mountain High School (MMHS).

They were first invented in the 1990s by Catherine Hettinger but didn’t become popular until 2017, weird right? Here at MMHS, the trend of fidget spinners took off in April of this year. Some students find that the spinners help them to get their work done, whereas others find it as a time killer.

“They mainly help students with autism, but other students can use them as well,” according to Ariel Barriga, MMHS senior, who owns at least one fidget spinner. “It’s pretty entertaining and it also helps me get my work done,” he said.

The staff here at MMHS aren’t as thrilled with the new trend as students are. There are many students on campus that own a fidget spinner. Some teachers say that the fidget spinners do help students to focus on work. However, Staci Hanks, MMHS art and ASB teacher, said “I think that they are fine, only if they don’t distract class time.”

Despite Hanks’ complaint about fidget spinners causing class disruptions, she still uses one in her personal time. “I find them extremely entertaining and, because I find it so entertaining, I own one at home,” she said.

Sean McMurray, MMHS Principal, shares Hanks’ concern. “I think that they are good for some students if they don’t become a problem. I have played with one for about 20 seconds because I confiscated it from a student using it for the wrong reasons,”

he said.

Both staff and students interviewed for this story agreed that the fidget spinners have there ups and downs. “I think that they do relieve stress because they come in a variety of different colors and styles, and the motion is relaxing. I think that it does distract some students from doing their work, but not all students are distracted,” Barriga said.

Hanks said, “the fidget spinners can help because some people need to be in constant motion in order to fully concentrate. They can distract students but only if they’re being used as a toy rather than as a tool to help them think.”

McMurray said, “for some students, it can help because it gives them something to focus on. They can distract students in class if they are used as toys and not tools.”

Students will actually have an opportunity to make their own fidget spinners, but only if they sign up for the Manufacturing and Logistics class at MMHS this summer or next school year. This program uses a 3D printer to make fidget spinners which is a unique way of producing the spinners.

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