Teens Overcome Challenges in Relationships

Jacquelyne Perez, Contributor

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Teenage couple arguing

Teen relationships go through their ups and downs and can can affect students in many different ways.

Most people have different ways of dealing with problems in their relationships, but according to Kim Arcos, March Mountain High school (MMHS) counselor, she feels as though teenagers go through heartbreaks harder than adults. Teens are learning how to trust just as much as adults are.  “I have trust issues myself and if I were to take someone back, whoever lost my trust it would be depending on the situation,” said Arcos.

In order for teens to learn about relationships they first have to experience them. Cesar Hernandez, MMHS junior, shared what it was like in one of his early relationships. He thinks that the other individual didn’t take the relationship as seriously as he did. Hernandez became smarter and stronger and learned a lot from that relationship. When the relationship came to an end it didn’t affect him at all because he was already over it.  “He became more distant and in denial and suspicious,” said Hernandez.

Another teen who has experienced the heartbreak of an early relationship is Kiani Rocha, a homeschooled junior. She had a relationship in 2014 that lasted over a year with a lot of ups and downs. She knew this person since middle school and decided to move things further because she trusted him. Once they began the relationship he started acting different. He started being really possessive and never let her do anything or have a life.

Since the end of her early relationship she feels as if it still affects her today. She wouldn’t go back or give him another chance unless she sees some changes in his behavior first. “I started figuring that the relationship was going downhill because of how he acted and how much he changed,” said Rocha.

It’s possible to keep a relationship steady and good but it can also be very difficult. Relationships can be difficult no matter if you are an adult or a teen but, an adult has more experience to deal with issues better. Some advice from Arcos is to take “one day at a time. Know it’s not the end of the world, and that the person served a purpose.”

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