MVHS Students Transition to MMHS

Raylene Torres, Contributor

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Many March Valley High School (MVHS) students will be transitioning to March Mountain High School (MMHS) starting in August 2017; the transition may not be as tough as students expect.

As of today there are about 26 MVHS students going to transfer to MMHS next term, according to Kim Arcos, MMHS counselor. One of those scheduled to make a transition is Karina Sanchez, MVHS sophomore, who expressed some concerns when she found out that she was going to be leaving MVHS. “I will miss some of the teachers at March Valley,” she said.

One student who has already made the transition earlier this year, Claudia Harper, MMHS sophomore, found the move to go smoothly. “The classes are better and there is more variety of social people,” she said.

Sanchez expressed some concern about how strict March Mountain teachers will be. However, Harper said, “March Mountain has less work and it’s more easy to understand.”

According to Harper, being a student at MMHS is not as difficult as she imagined it to be. She said, “There are no challenges being a student at March Mountain High School.”

Students are not the only ones who have made a transition between schools. Cristan Greaves and Marisol Taloa are two teachers who have transitioned from MVHS to MMHS.

Greaves is an English and Peer Leadership teacher. She worked at MVHS for 15 years before transferring to MMHS in August of 2015. “My reason for transitioning was because I really wanted to work with older students,” she said.

Taloa is an English teacher. She worked at MVHS for 16 years before transitioning to MMHS. She has been at MMHS for two years now. ”My reason for transitioning was because I needed a change and I was looking for a more mature crowd of students,” she said.

Both teachers like March Valley students have found the transitioned was not as difficult as they imagined. “When I got to March Mountain, half of students in classes I had already at March Valley and it was good to work with those students again,” she said.

Another factor that made the transition easier for Greaves  was “the teacher whose room I moved into left it beautiful for me to work in,” she said.

Overall, Greaves seems to be happy with the move. “The difference is there is a more mature group at March Mountain, the opportunity to work with a new staff was different, and I love having a classroom next to action program,” she said.

“I really enjoyed the transition from March Valley to March Mountain. It is one of the best choices I’ve made as a teacher,” Greaves said.

Taloa would agree with Greaves about the maturity level of students. “The differences from schools is that it was challenging to deal with March Valley students and them not believing in themselves. Most of the March Mountain kids are older and have already been through that but now are getting their stuff together and believing in themselves to graduate,” said Taloa.

I enjoyed the transition because the maturity level increased and there are less disciplinary issue,” Taloa said.

Students were also happy about the transition from MVHS to MMHS. “I liked the transition. The classes are better and there is more variety of social people,” Harper said.

For those like Sanchez who will be making the transition from MVHS to MMHS in August of 2017, this is encouraging news. She believes the transition from MVHS will not be difficult. “ I think I will like the transition, I think it will be the same as March Valley,” she said.

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