MMHS Restores Cleanliness Upon Campus

Josh Jones, contributor

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Cleanliness on campus was a big deal back in the year 2015 when a student writer named Bryan Lopez wrote a story about how disgusted he was about the messy campus.

Since then, cleanliness has been much improved. Sean McMurray, Principal at March Mountain High School (MMHS) has been working at this school for four and a half years and stated that “I like the students and staff and he also likes the school.”

Despite the fact that the campus appears cleaner now, there are instances where trash is lying on the ground and nobody picks it up. McMurray also stated that “some students do a really good job at picking up their trash than other students.”

In order to keep the campus looking good, McMurray stated that we need to “keep reminding students to have pride on campus and to be respectful with picking up their trash.”

One of the reasons that the campus is cleaner now is probably because Francisco Rodriguez, MMHS Head Custodian, has been maintaining the trash pickup for as long as he has been working at this school, approximately two years. His dedication to his job is why the campus looks its best.

“I really enjoy this school, it’s a good school and the people are friendly,” exclaimed Francisco.

One student at MMHS shares the same opinion as McMurray and Francisco. “March Mountain is doing a good job at keeping the campus clean. There’s not as much trash as before.” stated Giovanni Arcos, MMHS junior.

Not all students pick up after themselves, but Arcos has never thrown trash on the ground instead of in the trash can. He stated, “I always pick up my trash.”

Campus beautification is a job that is assigned to a student who has a lot of “tardies and truancies,” according to Lydia Zappia, Attendance Clerk at MMHS.

Students go around and clean up all the trash on campus, usually at lunch. “I have never faced campus beautification before,” stated Arcos.

According to DeDe Stewart, ASB Clerk at MMHS, “I assign campus beautification, then they get a referral from the administrator. I`m involved in the program because the students have to sign in with me. And at lunchtime, students are pretty lapse about putting their trash away, so they are assigned to pick it up and throw it away.”

Campus beautification, in short, is a process of making visual improvements to a specific place. The program has been around for a long time and many schools have incorporated the program into their system.

Have you (the reader) ever faced campus beautification while you went to school or are in school? If so, you’ve been a part of making March Mountain High School look its best.

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