President Trump Rescinds DACA

Amya Wilson, contributor

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President Trump has made controversial decisions during his presidency so far and his choice to cut the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) program falls into his debatable decisions category.

To keep it simple, DACA is a program that entitles undocumented adolescents to work and get their education in the U.S. legally for renewable two year periods without deportation hanging in the balance. Those protected under DACA are known as the “dreamers.” The program was created by former President Barack Obama back in 2012. Trump has decided to halt the program because it is “in the best interest of our country.”

The end of DACA may hit home for March Mountain High School (MMHS) students and despite the fact that she is not a dreamer, this is true for MMHS Senior Mitzi Vazquez.

Vazquez came to the United States from Mexico illegally when she was five so naturally she has an understanding of those protected under DACA. She believes that DACA has made a positive difference because it has given undocumented youth the opportunity to strive and work towards living “The American Dream” that United States citizens take for granted.

Although Vazquez is not a DACA participant, the end of the program has impacted her emotionally. Regarding President Trump’s decision to end DACA, Vazquez stated, “I feel sad because the youth that are apart of DACA have worked hard to get where they are and to make something of themselves.”

DACA has provided it’s participants with a multitude of benefits and opportunities, Ciriac Alvarez, dreamer and graduate from Utah University, can vouch for that.

Alvarez has been a part of DACA for five years and she has used it to it’s full advantages. It has given her the opportunity to work, pay for college, buy her first car, and graduate from Utah University. The start of DACA has affected Alvarez and so will the end. Without it, she can’t work legally and she will have to continue to fight for comprehensive and long term legislation for immigrants. Alvarez does not agree with President Trump’s decision, she said, “His decision to rescind the program is disheartening because it has benefited 800,000 of us and our communities.”

As of now, DACA permits will be respected up until their expiration date and new DACA applications that were received by September 5 and renewal applications received by October 5 will be processed. After that, there will be no new applicants or renewals. Whether or not Congress will still protect DACA participants even after the end of DACA is unclear. Although DACA is no more, the #DefendDACA movement on social media is still a relevant and important tool to spread awareness and support.

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