ASB Plans Upcoming Events

Toni Tackett, contributor

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Knott’s Scary Farm is the beginning of many upcoming events planned by the Associated Student Body on behalf of March Mountain High School (MMHS) students for this year.

Students that went to Knott’s Scary Farm appeared to have a good time evidenced by many who fell asleep on the ride home. On the bus ride home, “I noticed that people was having a good time with their friends,” said Cesar Hernandez, MMHS senior.

“In my opinion the Knott’s Scary Farm trip was fun with the people I went and it was scary, but the good kind of scare. I finally went on roller coasters for the first time,” Hernandez said, “What I liked about the trip was that it was a memorable time because I went with people I like and I met two new girls.”

ASB is always planning new events. “We are going to do Red Ribbon Week, spirit weeks, Christmas activities, Family Movie Night for Halloween, senior activities like Grand Night, Senior field trip, etc,” said MMHS art and ASB teacher, Staci Hanks.

Family Movie Night is on October 27th, 2017, and it is a night for all the students at MMHS to bring their families to watch Hotel Transylvania. Throughout the night, the school will be selling hot dogs with chips and soda for two dollars, and serving free popcorn and snow cones. People can wear their costumes, and there will be an art contest with face paintings.

ASB is a class where all the school events are planned. To make an event happen, the class goes through a process. “We have to put it on a master calendar and get permission to host an event and have to have an ASB meeting and plan for budget. Depending on if it’s a field trip or on campus they’re different rules to follow,” said Hanks.

Some students like ASB events, others, not so much. Joshua Jones, MMHS senior said, “ I don’t really find ASB events interesting,” but, “think the upcoming ASB events would be fun.”

Hernandez however, is satisfied with ASB events but does believe that things should be improved, “My thoughts on ASB is that they aren’t organized and that they don’t have school spirit,” he said, “My suggestions on improving school spirit is for them to tell everyone to wear school colors and for every grade level to wear their grade color.”

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