Math Department Faces New Challenges

Kayla Stormer, contributor

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After the retirement of Ed Buhr, March Mountain High School’s (MMHS) former teacher, the math department has also experienced other challenges while facing numerous changes this school year.

Math teachers this year have been required to teach subjects they have never taught before to a class of twenty two students. MMHS teachers are used to small classes with roughly 13 to 17 students. “We’re down to three math teachers, there are less courses than last year, and the classes are packed,” explained MMHS math teacher Yuko Nelson.

With more students enrolled in fewer classes, changes taking place this school year have affected some classes and the way they are taught. Individual classwork has become more difficult to teach due to packed classes. According to Nelson, “…there are more students which results in group work rather than individual assignments.”

Despite the courses MMHS math teachers have already struggled to learn and teach, the math department has recently gone through training for new technology. Edgenuity, a web based software program, has already been brought into classes. Students have taken a pretest for this program that will individualize students’ learning experiences for more personal lessons.

The math department at March Mountain High School has also set up an event called Math Night. The purpose of Math Night is to review the credits  students need and courses that will help them get those credits. During Math Night, a speaker might show up to talk with attendees. However, it has been postponed for now while MMHS math teachers find time within their busy schedule to conduct the event.


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