Chess Players Pursue Hobby at Lunch

Branden Roman

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Here at March Mountain High School the chess club has a few dedicated members under the supervision of Brian Lively, Social Studies teacher in room five.

Since the club has only a small number of members, one might ask, “Why are they participating?”

David Henry said recently, “I have been playing since I was smaller.”

So, it is understandable that an old hobby from the past just might slap a smile on an individual’s face and alter a bad day.  What about the other member?  Why is he participating?  “I am a nerd,” said he.

There you have it; a self-proclaimed “nerd” gave his reason of partaking in the school’s Chess Club.  The only female present at a recent gathering, said she barely started to attend.  There may be more members among the student body just waiting to join the club.

As far as tournaments, our school does not yet have enough members to participate in inter-district tournaments.  The club however, has hosted its own tournaments  here at March Mountain, which have proven to be fun.

If you are interested in chess and attend March Mountain, be sure to give it a shot. You just might be the one more person needed to make the club eligible for participation in tournaments outside of the school.  Every Tuesday and Friday at lunch in room five, you will find the chess club there, playing chess.

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