Cal Safe Program Offers Classes and Child Care to Teen Parents

xena lucero, staff writter

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March Mountain High School offers a program for young parents that need help to take care of their young children while also getting their education.

Cal Safe Program has been around since 1976 but, is now in danger of closing its doors.  The state of California currently funds the California School Age Families’ Education program but, this program needs up to 20 children or else it may be shut down.  The infant center is in the process of a making an informational brochure to hand out to high school students who are pregnant and going to school.

Students interested in the program need to see Marla Kirkland, Infant Center Director, to enroll.  Once enrolled, there is a form that teen parents need to fill out so Kirkland and her assistants may use in case of emergencies.  If an emergency with an infant does occur, the staff will call to inform parents that their child has been injured or hurt and if necessary, will call 911.

Also, there is a nurse that comes every Friday to do check ups on the children.  Within the past 30 years that the infant center has been open, nothing serious has ever happened.  Kirkland  enjoys working with  young parents and so do her assistants as well.  “It’s been wonderful.  It’s not just a job, it is a career for me,” said Kirkland.

She likes to be able to be a role model for young parents and also, to help  give advice. While students are in class getting their education, their  children are at the infant center being taken care of.   The staff plans activities for the infants daily for stimulation while their parents are in class receiving their education.

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