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MMHS Girl's Soccer Team

MMHS Girls Soccer Team, Alondra Gonzales-DeAnda, Claudia Chapina-Lopez, Priscilla Velazco, Valery Valdez, Jenifer Avellameda,Geraldine Cedillo, and Brandi Williams.

The girls’ athletic teams at March Mountain High School have had a great year with sports and are now getting ready to play one more before the end of the year, and that is soccer.

The girls spent up to two hours most days after school practicing for their first game which was Friday, April 17, 2015.  The game was a home game but was played at Moreno Valley Park on Fredrick St. because it provides more space to play.  The girls lost their first game but now with their own class period to practice, they won their second game 4-3 against Orangewood High School in Redlands.

All of the goals scored during the second game were made by Yahaira Bulsulto, an outstanding player. “She plays really well,” said  Gary Peckels, girls soccer coach with enthusiasm.

The players on the team include: Jenifer Avellameda, Yahaira Bulsulto, Geradine Cedillo, Martha Godoy, Alondra Gonzales-DeAnda, Aytiana Lazano, Precious Lazano, Jacqueline Sanchez, Teresa Segura, Evelyn Urias, Valery Valdez, Priscilla Velazco, and Brandi Williams.

“Soccer is a very fun sport. It is something new to me and it teaches me new things,”  said Valery Valdez, junior.

Credits from playing soccer can go towards physical education or electives. The soccer season lasts about five weeks and the girls are ready for it. In order to be eligible to play you have to have at least a 2.0 grade point average and have a good attendance record.

Although the team is small they are still able to play. “More girls on the team wouldn’t hurt,” said Coach Peckels.

There has not always been a girls’ soccer team at MMHS. The team depends on how many girls try out and make the team.  Last year the girls at MMHS did not have the option to play because other continuation schools did not have enough soccer teams to form a league.

As more students come to MMHS the more likely it will be to continue to have a  girls’ soccer team in the future. As the girls’ play on students continue to cheer for them and hope they score more wins than losses.

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