Security Guards lookout For Smoke on Campus

Lia Gonzalez, Contributor

November 2, 2015

Navy blue uniformed men have been seen roaming around March Mountain campus this school year.  Who are they ?  What do they do?  Why are they here? Many staff members and students have noticed these unfamiliar men here...

California Education Officials Suspend High School Exit Exam

Kendall Switzer

October 22, 2015

Recently the California High School Exit Exam requirements have been suspended as a result of the need for a more efficient test. Due to the fact that, “standards change” as simply stated by Sean McMurray, March Mountain High...

Prepare for more MAP Tests

Brintton Ayers, contributor

September 30, 2015

Last Wednesday, September 23rd, March Mountain High School students took a new assessment test called the MAP, which stands for Measures of Academic Progress. The MAP test will give the school data about what we as students learn in our classrooms. It will also help for ...

Chromebooks Motivate MMHS Students

Sineti Mikaele, contributor

September 25, 2015

Some teachers at March Mountain High School have observed increased student motivation levels this school year, a tribute to the introduction of Chromebooks. The new changes that Chromebooks are having on students are both posi...

Lara Improves School Cafeteria

DeAnte Payne, contributor

September 22, 2015

  Recently there  have  been many improvements made to March Mountain High School’s  cafeteria without  the students’ knowledge. Have you ever wondered how the cafeteria maintains its cleanliness and  polite...

Action Program Serves the Community

Lia Gonzalez, contributor

June 11, 2015

This year the Action Program has added a new installment into their program.  The Action Program has partnered with SoCal Edison. The Action Program is trying to increase awareness of saving energy. They want to help not only the school but the school distri...

MMHS Updates Wi-Fi For New Chromebooks

Nicholas Jimenez, Contributor

June 4, 2015

Since Spring Break students may have noticed wireless routers being installed on the ceilings in every classroom at March Mountain High School.  These routers will allow students better access to the Wi-Fi next school year. Unfortunate...

Blood Drive Success

Danielle Proctor, Editor

June 2, 2015

Thanks to the organizing efforts of the Associated Student Body and the 70 students and staff who donated blood, March Mountain High School’s blood drive was a total success on Tuesday, May 19, 2015. Life Stream, a blood donating company...

Graduating Seniors Reveal Plans For Life After High School

Shauntanae Davis, contributor

May 29, 2015

Most graduating seniors are nervous about life after high school and for these five students life will be amazing if their plans come true. Recently I spoke with several March Mountain students about their plans after graduation. I received some great insight about how moti...

Mad Dogs Donate Blood

Danielle Proctor, Editor

May 14, 2015

Do you want to donate blood for those in need?   Well, March Mountain ASB students will be hosting a Blood Drive for LifeStream on Tuesday, May 19, 2015, from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the gym. Participants donating will receive a five dollar In-N-Out gift card (whil...

M.M.H.S. Provides Tutoring for CAHSEE and Science

May 13, 2015

CAHSEE tutoring is now available at March Mountain High School. English tutoring is provided in room 8 at 3:05 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and on Wednesdays at 12:40 p.m. Math tutoring is provided in room P-4 on Mondays,...

The University of California Provides Summer Sessions for High School Students

May 13, 2015

The University of California offers Summer Institute programs that jumpstart your academic career and enhance college applications.  Thousands of high school students who have joined U.C.L.A. in the past report that the Summer...

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