MMHS Staff Reacts to New Technology

Joshua Jones, contributor

April 24, 2017

Companies like LG and Samsung have already announced their newest flagship devices for this year. Many people are eager to upgrade from their current device to a newer one. But do they really need to upgrade? Consumers tend to upgrade to the newest device so that they can feel good about owning a new p...

MMHS Helps Students Succeed

Juan Perez

February 24, 2017

  Many students who attend March Mountain High School (MMHS) do so because they are in need of credits, that they failed to earn at their home high school. Many students that do catch up decide to go back to their home...

MMHS Provides a Safe Place for Students

Michelle Colacion, Contributor

December 15, 2016

The peer leadership class at March Mountain High School (MMHS) is a positive environment where students acknowledge each other, their feelings, and listen to one another without judgement. Peer leadership is a class where studen...

Americans Hope To Escape to Canada if Trump Wins Election

June 9, 2016

Some Americans today live in fear of the impending doom that is Donald Trump’s possible presidency, and it is now a trend to announce on social media that if Trump does become president that Canada is the manifest destination. ...

NBA Records Smashed by Warriors in 2016 Playoffs

May 31, 2016

The 2016 NBA playoffs is something you do not want to miss! Multiple NBA  records have been broken by the Golden State Warriors, every team left standing has a well known player, and the match ups are insane! Golden State ...

The Museum of Tolerance Offers Solution to Genocide

April 26, 2016

The Museum of Tolerance teaches that the only way to end holocausts is to educate people about the Jewish Holocaust of World War II and other forms of intolerance around the world, as learning how and why these holocausts happen is t...


April 18, 2016

Teen Challenge Brings Positive Anti-Drug Message

October 30, 2015

Recently, The Academic Student Body has teamed up with Teen Challenge to bring the students here at March Mountain High School a presentation against drug abuse. Teen Challenge is a Christian association that provides a soluti...

March Valley Hosts Costume Contest for Halloween

Miguel Franco, Contributor

October 30, 2015

March Mountain and March Valley High Schools will be having a costume contest here at school on Friday, October 30.   The day before Halloween is set to be a fun day here on campus.  Although the event is scheduled to be during Ma...

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