ASB Plans Upcoming Events

Toni Tackett, contributor

October 24, 2017

Knott's Scary Farm is the beginning of many upcoming events planned by the Associated Student Body on behalf of March Mountain High School (MMHS) students for this year. Students that went to Knott’s Scary Farm appeared to...

MMHS Restores Cleanliness Upon Campus

Josh Jones, contributor

October 23, 2017

Cleanliness on campus was a big deal back in the year 2015 when a student writer named Bryan Lopez wrote a story about how disgusted he was about the messy campus. Since then, cleanliness has been much improved. Sean McMurray, Principal...

Teens Overcome Challenges in Relationships

Jacquelyne Perez, Contributor

June 6, 2017

Teen relationships go through their ups and downs and can can affect students in many different ways. Most people have different ways of dealing with problems in their relationships, but according to Kim Arcos, March ...

Absence Can Make The Heart Grow Fonder

Savannah Brown, Contributor/Copy editor

June 2, 2017

  There are currently 14 million couples in the United States who are considered to be in a long distance relationship (LDR), 40% of these relationships will fail, according to For someone who is in a LDR, this percent...

Upcoming Events Help to Relieve Senior Stress

Jonathan Jordan, contributor

April 25, 2017

+ For many March Mountain High School (MMHS) seniors, graduation will be a big step towards their adult life. This year, 90 students at MMHS will be graduating and many of them will attend some of the upcoming senior events. Students will get to enjoy a number of events such as prom, grad night, onsight pictures and of course ...

Students Give Tips on How to Create Better Relationships

Cesar Hernandez, Contributor

March 9, 2017

Most people say that friendships are important because they can help in good times and bad. Communication is the key to making a friendship stronger and longer lasting. However, when communication fails, friendships can be at ri...

Religion Plays a Role in Student Lives

Johanna De Paz, Contoributer

February 25, 2017

  Religion plays a major role in the lives of some March Mountain High School (MMHS) students especially during difficult times. Some MMHS students and staff believe in God. “I do believe in God,” said MMHS, senio...

MMHS Takes Action Against Bullying

Joshua Jones, Contributor

February 16, 2017

March Mountain High School (MMHS) is bully free, not really but, we’re getting there. At our school, we do not encounter as many instances of bullying compared to other traditional high schools such as Canyon Springs, Vista Del Lago, ...

Experience The Magic At The Festival Of Lights

Karen Cordero, Contributor

January 5, 2017

Something that March Mountain High School (MMHS) students might want to do over winter break is to attend the Festival of Lights in downtown Riverside, a holiday tradition that has been going on for 24 years. Many people like to go...

MMHS Students/Staff Respond to Weather Changes

Joshua Jones, contributor

December 13, 2016

Weather change, we’ve experienced it throughout the year. But that doesn’t stop the students and staff here at March Mountain High School (MMHS) from doing their best work. Some students are wondering why this weather chang...

Stop the Silence

Kenya Blackmon, Contributor

December 1, 2016

Statistics show that many  victims of sexual abuse were first assaulted as children by people in authority, according to The  U.S Department of   Justice. The Centre Against Sexual Assault states that  62,939  children were  sexually abused in 2012  and in 2006 alone...

MMHS Juniors Express Anxiety Over Test Results

June 9, 2016

Juniors at March Mountain High School (MMHS) recently took the CAASPP test. Many students at MMHS felt that there isn’t a need for standardized testing and are concerned that their test results will adversely affect class placement...

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